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FIC: Coffee

Title: Coffee
Author: Pooki Ze Great
Summary: "They stared at each other for a second, Fiona feeling much pity (for Sirius), and Sirius feeling much pity (for Sirius)."
Disclaimer: If you recognise it, guess what? I don't own it. I only own Fiona. *hugs her* Ayup. Bye now. *waves* OH! Yes! If you recognise it and it's in here, it probably belongs to JK Rowling. Yay!
Rating: Well it's only like PG-13 or something. But it'll go R eventually. Pretty soon. Yay.
Pairing(s): Sirius Black/Original Character. Or it will be. And hey, my OCs don't suck. *smirks*
A/N: I'm sorry. I'm sleep-deprived and coming down from a caffiene high, and this just sort of .... happened. *blinks* Sorry.

Sirius Black was a wizard.

Not just any wizard, either. He had gone away from Hogwarts over two years ago with 7 NEWTs, offers to be on two major Quidditch teams (which he had politely declined), and wherever he went, both girls and boys talked about him as he passed.

He knew they talked about him in low, excited whispers.

He knew they thought of him as they made passionless romance that night.

And they knew he knew, and they loved him for it.

And he loved them for loving him.

And they loved him for loving them.

And they all loved each other.

Possibly because none of them were hugged enough as children.

But that was not the point.

The point was, he was Sirius Black. The world was his pearl. So how, when he was up at 6:30 ready to go to his sadly boring job at the local Quidditch supply store (He, Sirius Black, had been given a typical entry-level job of cashier. Another abomination.), how then could they POSSIBLY be out of coffee?

They being he, James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew, all of whom lived together in a London flat.

He slammed the fridge's door shut and walked briskly out of the kitchen, feeling quite scandalized.

"WHO FINISHED OFF THE COFFEE?" he bellowed, fully aware he was probably about to have pillows thrown at him, possibly by Remus, whose turn it was to sleep on the couch and therefore was right in front of him.

Sirius was quite surprised when an alarm clock came zooming through the air and slammed into the side of his head. He blinked a few times, his vision slowly clearing, when suddenly it clicked.

"Hello, Lily!" he called cheerily in the general direction of the largest bedroom, which it was currently James' turn to have.

His only answer was some vague mutterings and the door slamming shut, seemingly of its own accord.

Sirius sighed exasperatedly, and jumped up onto the couch, sitting on Remus' stomach and knocking the wind out of the unfortunate lycanthrope.

Remus sat up slowly, glaring tiredly at Sirius through narrowed eyes.

"Whajoowan?" he said hoarsely, rubbing his eyes with one hand and pushing Sirius onto the floor with the other. The dark-haired boy rubbed his bruising bottom annoyedly and looked up at Remus with an altogether pitiful expression. "I can't find any coffee," he stated simply, blue eyes wide and pleading.

Remus shot him a scathing look. "Good Lord, man, are you or are you not a Wizard? Charm some up for your bloody self and be off with you." And with that his friend turned over on his side, leaving Sirius blinking at his back.

Yes, it was true, he was a good Wizard, and he certainly knew the spell to make coffee, but ... cooking and such had never been his strong point. He remembered the time he'd tried to make James some chicken noodle soup when said friend was sick, and, after taking a sip, James had spat it out, angrily asking why Sirius was trying to feed him turpentine.

Needless to say, Sirius did not fancy trying to give anyone he cared about (which included himself, thankyouverymuch) anything he tried to cook since then.

Heaving a large, harrassed sigh, Sirius stood up and threw a house coat on, stepping out and walking down the street, holding an empty mug and looking altogether a sight with bedhead, dark circles under his eyes, walking in the early morning light to the coffee shop on the corner in only blue and white striped boxers, a slightly dirty white t-shirt, and a red and green house coat which only went 3/4 of the way down his legs.

He pushed the door open, holding the mug straight out in front of him, and Dave, one of the co-owners of the shop and therefore familiar with this rare, yet routine occasion, began preparing a cup of their finest coffee, black, with an unusually large amount of sugar.

One person who was NOT familiar with this sight (and to the unfamiliar eye, it was a strange one indeed), was Fiona Lydon.

Now, Fiona, unlike Sirius, was not a Wizard.

Nor was she a Witch, Squib, Hag, Vampire, or anything else of that sort.

Fiona Lydon was a Muggle.

Now Fiona, too, was the kind of person who people talked about as they passed, but unlike Sirius, she was (for the most part), unaware of this fact. She was quiet, bookish, and had moved to London (on the other side of the block) not 3 days ago, simply because she couldn't stand anyone back from Canada where she'd lived, and hence had decided perhaps she could find someone she didn't hate over here. And if not ... at least they talked nice.

Fiona had dark brown eyes, and a slightly wide nose which was rounded at the end, with pale, clear skin and a scattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose. She wore her hair in a cacaphony of braids and dreadlocks, ranging from dark black to white blonde, and it was currently tied up into a ponytail on top of her head, some of the longer hair reaching down to the white sweater and tight leather jacket she wore (along with a black suede skirt and white fishnets, and her trusty knee-high leather boots). She was reading a copy of 'Interview With The Vampire' quietly, sipping coffee as her thick-lashed eyes moved rapidly back and forth from behind slim, rectangular glasses with thin gold frames.

Now, to someone who had obviously taken quite a lot of time to put together their look to grab a coffee before work (which Fiona was), someone who looked as if they were not aware they had left their kitchen (which Sirius was), was bound to be something to catch the former person's attention. And to the latter person, said former person was bound to catch the latter person's attention in a way which made said latter person realise they looked like shit.

Which Fiona and Sirius did, to their respective explanations.

Fiona cocked an eyebrow high up, until it was partially hidden by a stray dreadlock she had swept behind her ear. She tilted her head and wondered what kind of sad little person would come into a coffee shop dressed like that.

Sirius had to bite his lip to prevent his mouth from dropping open, and he briefly wondered what kind of sad little person he was to come into THIS particular coffee shop on THIS particular day dressed like that.

They stared at each other for a second, Fiona feeling much pity (for Sirius), and Sirius feeling much pity (for Sirius), before, in a move which made both Fiona and Dave jump slightly and look extremely perplexed, Sirius dropped his coffee mug and ran out of the store, running all the way back up the block and into the flat once more, where he almost collided with a highly disgruntled-looking Peter who was headed for the bathroom.

Sirius ran into one of the two smaller bedrooms and began throwing on his clothes, and Remus came in with a raised eyebrow, tilting his head at his friend's jolting movements and panicked look.

"You know," he said casually, sipping the coffee he had made himself (being much more talented at these sort of things than Sirius, you see), "you should really dress in robes, not a suit, if you plan on going to work today."

"I don't," said Sirius distractedly, trying to figure out why his pants wouldn't go on (he hadn't yet noticed they were actually a sweater).

Remus put the raised eyebrow down in exchange for the other. "And why is that?" he said mildly, used to his friend's erratic behavior.

"I've found the girl of my dreams," said Sirius with a broad, triumphant smile.

"Ahhh," said Remus slowly, nodding. "So this will be, what, the fifth one this month?"

Sirius shot his friend a withering look. "No, I mean it this time, Moony. I really do. She's beautiful."

Remus smiled again, shaking his head wearily. "Yes, you mean it I'm sure," he said, turning and walking back to the livingroom. "Just like you did with Allison, and Melissa, and Jodie, and Ramona, and Jessika, and Francine, and Deborah, and Katie, and Sarah, and Elaine, a-"

"NO!" Sirius hissed, actual pants on as he walked briskly up behind Remus, straightening his tie. "I DO mean it this time. REALLY," he added to Remus' skeptical look. "And besides," he said distractedly, flattening his hair. "you're going to come help me get her."

Remus shot a glance at his own shabbily-dressed self, another at his friend, using the puppy dog look he had mastered so well, especially after becoming an Animagus, and a final wistful one at the roll-out bed he'd left behind, so soft ... and warm ...

Remus shook his head. "Nope," he said simply, finishing his first coffee, conjuring a new one up, and walking towards the bed, with every intention of spending the morning sitting peacefully under the covers and reading.

But those fantastical dreams were washed away as Sirius grabbed him by the back of his collar.

Remus gagged, and spilt some rather hot coffee down his front. Wincing and growling, he span around, shooting a death glare at a semi-apologetic-looking Sirius as he took away the coffee stain with a simple wave of his wand and placed the mug back down, being, as always, remarkably calm (not to mention tolerant).

"Come on, Moony," Sirius whined, sounding for all the world as if he were 9, and not 20, as his birth certificate (wrongly, Remus sometimes thought), stated.

Remus sighed slightly and crossed his arms, looking as if he had more resolve than they both knew he did. "Why can't you just get James to go with you? You two are best friends, aren't you?"

"Well mate, we are, meaning no offense to you, of course, but, er ... observe," said Sirius delicately, waving his wand at the door to the master bedroom, upon which it swung open, revealing a rather naked Lily and James up against the wall kissing each other.

Sirius and Remus ducked a thrown book, and Sirius didn't seem to notice James yelling "Sirius you ASS," or the slamming of the door, instead choosing to grin broadly at Remus, knowing he had won.

"Fine," Remus sighed tiredly, knowing there was no getting out of the thing now. "Fine, I'll come with you to find this week's dream girl."

Sirius grinned, leading the way out of the flat with the look of someone who hasn't yet acknowledged the fact that it's possible for them to lose.

And so it began.

*smirks* Sorry 'bout that, folks. R&R?

Pooks N' Jessi, who apologise profusely for cross-posting.
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