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FIC: If It's The Last Thing I Do [4]

Sorry for cross-posting. No Sirius in this chapter ... but next, I'd imagine. w00t.

If It's The Last Thing I Do
(Well, It's True That We Love Each Other)


Chapter: 4/? ["A Strange Day Part 1"]
Author: Pooki Ze Great
Beta: N/A
Fandom: Harry Potter - Marauders Era
Illustrations: N/A
Summary: [For a full story summary, see earlier chapters] Lily meets her first fellow witches. "The girl sighed deeply, closed her eyes, and then opened them to shoot Lily a sneer and the most disdainful of looks. "I'm Magaran Landry," she hissed. "And unlike you, I'm not an ickle Firstey, I'm just here to help out my sister," she nodded at Sage, who was chatting animatedly to the bus driver, who was looking as though he'd quite rather saw off his ear than listen to her. "So don't talk to me, you filthy little creature.""
Warnings: Over the course of this story there will be Het, Slash, Rape, Violence, Language, and probably other offending stuff I don't consider offending but someone else does. Bleh.
Archiving: Ask first
Disclaimers: Any and all things and people you recognise in this fic belong to JK Rowling [author of the Harry Potter series] or some other person. I am only responsible for the original characters in this fic. I am making no profit from writing this fanfiction, I am only having fun. ALSO! While "Magaran Landry" shares a first name with Jess, and is similar in appearance to her and Magaran Gris, she ISN'T her, and I only named her Magaran cos it made me laugh when I realised I had subconsciously based her appearance on Jess when I had her named Jessica. But now she is Magaran. w00t.
Rating: PG-13, cos there's a bit of swearing. Mer.
Pairing(s): Throughout the course of this fic there will be the following pairings [Lily/James, Remus/Sirius, Sirius/OC, Peter/OC, OC/OC, Severus/OC (and the list goes on ...)]
Feedback: Yes please. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM is welcome. FLAMES will be laughed at.
Category: Romance/Humor, with some angst thrown in
Previous Chapters: Introduction
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
A/N: Thank you to my (few) reviewers. PLEASE review if you read this. Please. It makes me smile. Do a good deed and make me smile, yo. Hey! The people who review the next chapter'll get cred. I've been lazy about crediting reviewers the past couple of chapters. Stupid me. But I will again. w00t. This chapter is dedicated to wonderful TOVE, who ahs left me for a couple weeks. *sniff* And you know what I just realised? I took a month to write this chapter. I started it back on August 6th. Crap. Okay. Read on.

Chapter 4
A Strange Day, Part 1

Sunlight warmed Lily Evans' face, from her cupid's bow lips, to her freckled nose, and onto the pale eyelashes which were fluttering open as she awoke.

Her mind, still choked and clouded with sleep, tried to recall why she'd set her alarm, which was screeching shrilly, when it was summer holidays.

Suddenly, the previous night's happenings rushed back to her in a tidal wave of memory and she sat bolt upright, looking around her room wildly as though expecting Sage to be there once more.

Her eyes landed on her alarm clock and she felt a small twinge of panic when she saw it was ten to elevn. How long had the ruddy thing been going off?

She fumbled with the buttons on the clock until there was silence, and stumbled, still barely half-awake, to her closet, where she began rummaging around in search of some clothes.

She emerged from her room, 5 minutes later, in a long white tank top and a knee-length orange and yellow skirt, her hair pulled back into a high ponytail slightly to the right of her head, and fastened with a plastic imitation of Lily's namesake.

Her mother, Merideth Evans, looked up from scrubbing the kitchen table and raised an eyebrow in surprise.

"Lily, what are you doing up before Noon?" she asked, her voice, very like Lily's, ringing soft and sweet despite the joking undertones throughout the sunkissed mahogany room.

Lily blinked a few times while pouring herself some orange juice, and, noticing she had but a minute left, decided a full explanation could wait, and shrugged. "M'goin' out to do some errands," she said, downing the orange juice in one gulp.

"What erra-" her mother began, but Lily was already headed out the door.

She stood at the sidewalk's edge, looking up and down the street expectantly.

A few blocks away, Lily could hear the bells of the nearest church chiming. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 1-

Lily blinked.

Halfway through the eleventh chime a triple decker bus, in an abrasive shade of orange, had appeared, its side mirror barely an inch from the tip of Lily's nose. Little did she know that it was of the same bus company as the bus which would one day almost run down her son in an alleyway across the sea.

The door swung open and Lily saw Sage's freckled face grinning crookedly at her. "'Ello, Mizz Evans," she said, causing the bus driver, a short, balding, portly, brown-haired man, to roll his eyes at her attempts at such an overly-mixed accent. "C'mon in, we've rented out the entire bottom level of the bus, you're the second-last to be picked up."

Lily stepped on, holding her purse tight to her chest, and was met by a sea of curious, expectant, and in many cases nervous, faces.

Sage guided her to a seat slightly ahead of the middle, and sat her there in between two girls.

On her left side, in the window seat, was a tall, thin, athletic-looking girl with a long, angular face which was slightly reminiscent of Sage's considerably friendlier one, with a foot-tall, naturally orange mohawk and a spiky centimeter-long orange layer of hair covering the sides of her head. Her long, slightly crooked nose, thin, scowling lips, and wide, speckled grey eyes each stood out yet melded in her profile as she gazed sullenly out of the window.

Lily, more than slightly intimidated by this wild-looking girl, looked to the girl in the aisle seat instead.

This one was looking around rather nervously, hands fidgiting in her lap as she tried to look everywhere but at another pair of eyes.

The bus made a particularly violent lurch, and Lily took this opportunity to properly study the other girl.

She looked to be short, probably even shorter than Lily herself, and she was slightly chubby, though in a pleasantly feminine way, far from being an eyesore. She had straight, shoulder-length brown hair which curled outwards at the bottom, and had two purely white chunks framing the side of her face. Her thick brown bangs curled ever-so-slightly towards her eyebrows at the tips, and she had chocolaty brown eyes with golden flecks and dark, perfectly-curled eyelashes.

While her gigantic, deer-caught-in-headlights were certainly the most remarkable part of her face, the rest was far from ordinary. She had pouty, pale pink lips (which were currently shining with lip gloss, that and light pink eyeshadow being her only makeup), and a short button nose which turned up at the end.

Deciding to make an attempt at friendliness, Lily smiled at the aisle girl and offered a hand. "Hi, I'm Lily Evans, who're you?" she chimed.

The girl blinked, looked at Lily's hand for a second, then broke out in a brilliant smile, shaking her hand enthusiastically and replying in high, bubbling tones. "I'm Rose Williams!" she exclaimed cheerfully. "Your accent is way cool, by the way," she added, smile falling into a comfortable but sunny grin.

"Thanks," Lily said, smiling. She turned in her seat to face the other girl, who was still glaring resolutely out the window. "And who would you be?" Lily asked, still smiling but perfectly ready to bolt at any sudden movements.

The girl sighed deeply, closed her eyes, and then opened them to shoot Lily a sneer and the most disdainful of looks. "I'm Magaran Landry," she hissed. "And unlike you, I'm not an ickle Firstey, I'm just here to help out my sister," she nodded at Sage, who was chatting animatedly to the bus driver, who was looking as though he'd quite rather saw off his ear than listen to her. "So don't talk to me, you filthy little creature."

Before Lily could think of a proper response, Rose was tugging on her arm, gesturing at the windows on the other side of the bus.

She looked through the glass and her eyes fell on a girl who looked to be around 14 storming furiously across a front lawn away from a white house which would have been utterly non-descript had it not been for all the random objects strewn pell-mell around it. As the girl walked away, she swung suddenly around and made a rather rude hand gesture and appeared to yell furiously at the empty open doorway. Suddenly a large man in a white shirt appeared there, holding a young girl of around 6 with long, dark brown hair and eyes that Lily could see, even from inside the bus, as a dark crystal blue. The little girl was kicking and scratching at the man, but he didn't seem to notice. He used his other hand to throw a toaster at the older girl, which flew through the air and hit her squarely in the forehead, resulting in another hand gesture and more shrieking.

Just as a tall, blonde woman who looked like something out of the magazines Lily had seen the older boys in her neighbourhood carry home with many an eager glance and paranoid twitch appeared in the doorway at the man's side and began beating him with a rolling pin, the girl stepped onto the bus, to be greeted by a deafening silence and many a shocked stare.

"Yeah, fuck you all, too," she said in a rather hoarse, but deep and lovely voice, as she pushed her way past the shocked Sage. "Hey, Mags," she added, nodding at the now-smirking mohawked girl beside Lily.

Magaran jumped up and walked on the backs of the seats, past Lily and Rose and into the aisle, where she was joined by the other girl.

Lily stared as the girl passed her. She had a sea of braids and dreadlocks ranging in color from deepest black to whitest blonde. They were currently piled loosely on top of her head, but Lily could see that when down they would reach the small of her back, almost past her waist. She had golden brown eyes, almost a dark amber, and they were framed by the thickest, blackest eyelashes Lily had ever seen. She was around 5'8, and had a body which Lily couldn't help but think of as ideal. Long-looking and lean-muscled, athletic yet with curves which any masterpiece of a sculpture could be proud of, and Lily subconsciously thought of the girl as just that; a masterpiece.

She bustled by in a swirl of tan leather fringe, tight black suede, thigh-high boots and a thin, arched eyebrow at Lily's staring.

She and Magaran, who Lily now saw moved with a primal grace, as that of some wild animal, sat down at the very back of the first level, and Lily sat back, staring straight ahead of her as the bus resumed its lurching and bumping.

This was going to be a very, very strange day.

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