Alex (cypressblack) wrote in 806fiction,

Another Fanfic

This time it's from the point of view of my original character, Selene Cypress Black (that's who I got my name from)

Title: What Can I Say?
Author: Alex Cypress Black (cypressblack)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Main Character OC, Sirius/Remus mentions, BlankStare!Harry, a funeral
Summary:The brightest star in the sky has died, but I will not let him be snuffed out. Sirius' younger sister speaks at his funeral.


He's gone.

A lover. A brother. A best friend. A godfather. A child. A protecter. A friend. A rock for us all to lean on. A mischief-maker. A trouble-seeker. A framed man. A trapped man. A free man too late. A human being. A person who will not be easily forgotten.

Sirius Black is dead.


Cypress watched from in front of the coffin, picking at the sleeve of her black dress. The coffin was empty, of course, but it was there to keep up apperances.

Hermione was there, curled up into a ball, tears running down her face. The Weasleys gathered together, Percy the lone holdout, looking stricken; Molly sobbed on Arthur's shoulder, Fred and George tried to console the crying Ginny, and Bill and Charlie stayed silent. The Order was there, most of them in a knot, consoling each other; only Tonks looked very shaken. Remus sat alone, leaning against a wall; a river of tears flowing openly down his face. She looked at him sympathetically; she knew he loved Sirius as much as she did, though in very different ways. Harry sat alone as well, his face expressionless, not looking anywhere but the coffin, not talking to anyone.

"What can I say about Sirius Black?" Cypress began. "He was a man among men. I remember him best as someone who could let you cry on his shoulder one minute and have you rolling around on the floor laughing the next. He was a brother to me, to some here he was a friend, to some a father figure, to some a soulmate, but we will all mourn him.

"I remember one day, twenty years ago, my brother and I were on the roof and he pointed to his star and told me, 'That's it, Cy. That's where I'm going when I'm gone, to be watching you from above.'"

She turned to the large window, large enough to see the sky, facing his star. She had requested the funeral be at night for this reason. "Are you on your star now, Siri? Are you watching us?

"If he is, he's laughing. Sirius wouldn't want to be mourned. He'd want a party in his name.

"The brightest star in the sky has died, but I will not let him be snuffed out. So, when you feel alone and down, look at the sky and remember Sirius Black for what he really is: a protector watching over us all."

Cypress stepped down and went towards Remus, meaning to comfort him, but was stopped on the way. Harry looked at her with wide eyes, finally letting the tears shine, and said the only two words he would that day.

"Thank you."
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