Nita (caudebac) wrote in 806fiction,

Hi...I'm Nita...*waves*

Hi, I just joined, and this is a poem I wrote as a tribute to Sirius's death when I finished the book. (crossposted in many communities)

"For the one up above" <== crummy title, help me with another one?

Your blood
That courses through your veins
That keeps you alive
Standing by our side
That same blood
That brought you to us
To this world
Hath unmake you.

Never one to back down
Always eager to fight
To help
To protect
Are you happy now?
Are you with those
That meant the most?

Will you be watching us?

Will you be watching
As he grows
As he learns
The true meaning of what it is to fight?
To live
To die?

Are you running free?
The free spirit of which you were born to be?
Are you laughing?
For the freedom that took you fourteen years to attain?
Are you mourning?
For those you have left behind?
Are you listening?
To the cries...

The cries of a young boy
The boy you watched over
The boy you protected

Are you waiting?

Will you wait?
For many shall follow your footsteps
For good or evil
Young and old

Born expected to be Dark
Lived as a delinquent
Imprisoned as a murderer
Worked as a guardian

Died as a hero

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