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Here goes!

First time posting up a fanfic here. This is also under my livejournal.

Title: Mourning
Author: Alex Cypress Black (cypressblack)
Rating: G, I think; maybe PG, slightly depressing

A high-pitched scream pierced the gloom surronding Number Twelve, Grimauld Place.

Nyphmadora Tonks lay in bed, listening to the screams of rage and pain coming from the room next to hers. She wanted to go comfort the poor man, but Tonks knew that until he came asking for help, Remus Joseph Lupin would want to grieve alone.

The werewolf screamed again, letting the hot tears warm his icey face. "Sirius," he murmered. "Sirius, why did you have to go?"

Though a floor seperated them, the morning child heard the words.

"Why him? Why not me?" Harry James Potter asked.

His only reply was another wailing scream.

It was two weeks since Sirius passed through the veil. Harry had come to stay with the Order, his mourning being mocked by his cousin, unable to handle the pain alone.

But both Remus and Harry were to proud to ask for pity, to ask for someone to grieve with them.

Tonks sighed to herself. When would they learn? To talk about it would only help, but no, they were both being stubborn. She sighed again and picked up the book from her beside table when someone called her name.


She looked up at the man in her doorway. His face was weary, his hair prematurely gray. Wordlessly, she opened her arms. Remus came around and crawled in the bed, letting Tonks cradle his head against her shoulder, and cried.

"I can't handle this. I'm alone again, the last Marauder, and it's too much. I don't know what to do," he choked out between racking sobs.

"It's okay, Remus, you're supposed to grieve," she soothed, rocking him back and forth. For once, he didn't object to someone mothering him.

He cried long into the night, and finally settled down to sleep. They stayed in her bed, she didn't trust him to go off alone, afraid he might do something he'd regret... smash something, or hurt himself.

It was midnight before a tiny voice called from the doorway.


Remus looked up, wide-eyed, at Harry. It was the first time his former student had called him by his name, and he smiled at him. "Yes, Harry?"

"I can't sleep. Can- Can I-"

Remus nodded. "Come here, Harry."

The fifteen-year-old, looking more like a child than either adult had ever seen, crawled under the blankets inbetween them. "Remus?" he whispered.


"Could you tell me about my parent a-and Sirius?" Harry asked, looking up at him, more innocent than he had ever been.

"Ok," Remus agreed, and began telling the boy about the Marauder's adventures, and about the personalities of the three people who loved him best.

It was nearly sunrise when they fell asleep, both feeling better than they had in two weeks.


Ok, there goes! :)

~Alex Cypress Black~
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